Water supply

UC Davis tapped for groundwater outreach

UC Davis water scientists and researchers are playing an important role in shaping a comprehensive groundwater management system for California, designed to halt the “pump as you please” approach that’s sucking wells dry during the drought.  

Groundwater specialist Thomas Harter is helping coordinate teams from the UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences  and the UC Cooperative Extension Groundwater Hydrology Program. Details in this Drought Watch Report.

Modernizing drought water allocations

Feather River during California drought

The State Water Resources Control Board has asked for public comment on how to improve its drought curtailment of water rights. Here's a summary of recommendations from a group of seven California water experts in this post from the California WaterBlog, produced by the UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences.

Drought cheat sheet

How dry are we? How can we manage the effects of the drought?  

More in the California WaterBlog produced by the Center for Watershed Sciences.

Water bonds can't do it alone

Researchers with the UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences and the Public Policy Institute say it's time to consider not only which areas are most in need of bond dollars, but also which other sources of funds and reforms are needed to keep California's water system financially afloat.  

Watershed Sciences director Jay Lund explains:

Transcript of Jay Lund on water bonds

More in the California Waterblog.

Quenching the psychological thirst

Mark Lubell, UC Davis professor of Environmental Science and Policy, thinks our response to drought should be focused on building a cushion to be prepared for the next time it happens.