November 2014

Data From State Regulators Show Water Conservation Totals Dropping (KQED, Nov. 30)

California ski resorts welcome snow (CBS Sacramento, Nov. 30)

Drought aftermath in Terra Bella: ‘We survived ... we’re hurting’ (Fresno Bee, Nov. 29)

Where grass is greener, a push to share drought’s burden (The New York Times, Nov. 29)

Drought-shortened cotton harvest ends (Ag Alert, Nov. 26)

Lawn Showdown Lands Drought-Conscious Homeowner in Court (NBC Southern California, Nov. 26)

LiveCopter3 flies over a scary-low Lake Oroville (KCRA, Nov. 25)

California drought: S.F. wants to add groundwater to tap (SFGate, Nov. 24)

As snow fades, California ski resorts are left high and very dry (The New York Times, Nov. 23)

Burbank fight drought by not washing city vehicles for two months (Los Angeles Times, Nov. 23)

Drought revives 'forgotten art' at wineries: Farming without irrigation (Los Angeles Times, Nov. 22)

California water bill sinks for now (The Sacramento Bee, Nov. 20)

California drought creates opportunity for South’s vegetable growers (Growing Georgia, Nov. 20)

California's drought: Cracking down on water wasters (KCRA-TV, Nov. 18)

Dry Central California town gets portable showers (Associated Press, Nov. 18)

Why California’s Drought is America’s Problem (KQED, Nov. 17)

Drought blamed for rise in number of abandoned, malnourished horses (KFSN-TV, Nov. 16)

Depleting the groundwater (CBS 60 Minutes, Nov. 16)

California drought hits San Mateo County coast particularly hard (SFGate)

With drought the new normal, CA farmers find they have to change (NPR)

Governors team up to tackle drought crisis (, Nov. 13)

California drought forces Bear Republic to retreat from key markets (, Nov. 13)

Contaminated groundwater wells close in South Lake Tahoe (Capital Public Radio, Nov. 12)

For California farmers, relentless drought spells financial disaster (Peninsula Press, with UC Davis water scientist Jay Lund, Nov. 12)

LA rolls out the barrels to collect drought-relief benefits of rainy season (NBC Los Angeles, Nov. 12)

Drought-defying tomato harvest breaks California record (The Sacramento Bee, Nov. 11)

Drought thins rice crop (The Journal Gazette, Nov. 10)

Heat, drought worsen smog in California, stalling decades of progress (Los Angeles Times, featuring Anthony Wexler with the Air Quality Research Center at UC Davis, Nov. 10)

Byproduct of drought: Water thieves (Contra Costa Times, Nov. 7)

Hopes for El Niño evaporating; would have brought a wet winter (SFGate, Nov. 6)

Will 2014 be California's hottest year in history? (The Weather Channel, Nov. 6)

CA cities receive grants to 'drought-proof' water supply (KCRA, Nov. 6)

California drought: Northern counties get soaked (The Desert Sun, Nov. 6)

California voters back $7.5 billion water bond (Time, Nov. 5)

California's insane nut boom, in 3 simple charts (Mother Jones, Nov. 3)

Storm raises hope for 'normal’ winter in Yosemite (SFGate, Nov. 2)

Tomato demand spurs record California crop amid drought (Bloomberg News, Nov.2)