August 2014 News

Plans for desert subdivisions raising questions about water (The Desert Sun, August 31)

Desperately dry California tries to curb private drilling for water (The New York Times, August 31)

Leaky pipes lose billions of gallons of water every year in the Bay Area (KQED, August 28)

Five myths about CA's drought (Washington Post op-ed by UC Davis water experts Richard Howitt and Jay Lund, August 29)

Historic California groundwater regulations head to Gov. Jerry Brown (The Sacramento Bee, August 29)

Chance of 'megadrought' in U.S. Southwest now 50%, study concludes ( Los Angeles Times, August 29)

Happy Camp fires grow to more than 63,000 acres in Klamath National Forest (U.S. Forest Service, August 27)

Drought-stricken California farmers fight release of water for fish (The Wall Street Journal, August 27)

Reminder: The terrible drought in California is still really, really terrible (The Washington Post, August 27)

What should California do about its drought? (Al Jazeera America, featuring UC Davis agricultural economist Daniel Sumner, August 26)

California drought: San Jose declares water shortage, but won't fine wasters (The San Jose Mercury News, August 26)

Using true-blue science to save Lake Tahoe (UC Davis Today, August 26) 

Thousands in Napa could be without water for week after quake (The Press Democrat, August 24)

Drought leaves 100s of Central CA homes with no tap water (The Associated Press, August 24)

63 trillion gallons of groundwater lost to California drought, pushing Earth’s crust higher (CBS SF Bay Area, August 24)

Record drought saps California honey production (The Sacramento Bee, August 21)

California drought has wild salmon competing with almonds for water (NPR, August 21)

California drought: Thousands oppose giant slip-and-slide in Los Angeles (The San Jose Mercury News, August 21)

California drought crisis takes toll on Lake Oroville (NBC News, August 20)

Drying Sierra meadows could worsen California drought (UC Newsroom, August 20)

'Severe' drought covers nearly 99.8% of California, report says (The Los Angeles Times, August 18)

Water agencies: Delta farmers may be taking water meant for other regions (The Sacramento Bee, August 18)

West’s historic drought stokes fears of water crisis (The Washington Post, featuring UC Davis water experts, August 12)

State lawmakers approve ballot measure for $7.5 billion water bond (The Los Angeles Times, August 14)

California sets heat record from January through July (Los Angeles Daily News, August 12)

Native ecosystems blitzed by drought (Nature, featuring UC Davis fish biologist Peter Moyle, August 12)

California Drought Transforms Global Food Market (Bloomberg News, with UC Davis water and agricultural economists Richard Howitt and Daniel Sumner, August 11)

Viewpoints: Scientists are rising to the challenges of drought (The Sacramento Bee, editorial featuring Tom Tomich, director of the Agricultural Sustainability Institute at UC Davis, August 11)

California drought can't stop production of bottled water (NBC News, August 7)

California century-old water rights profit from drought (Bloomberg News, August 7)

Growing a solution to California's groundwater crisis (National Geographic, August 6)

Conan O'Brien tries to save California's water with dry humor (, August 5)

Drought brings earlier start to California grape harvest (Capital Public Radio, August 4)

How California Is dealing with ‘Exceptional’ drought (Here & Now, NPR, August 4)

Seawater threatens Central Coast’s clean water supply (California Water Foundation, August 4)

California drought: Santa Cruz pushes the limit with the state's toughest water rationing laws (The San Jose Mercury News, August 3)

Drought reduces steelhead in Napa River (The Napa Valley Register, August 3)

Drilling wells to quench California’s water needs raises debate (PBS, featuring UC Davis water scientists Graham Fogg and Thomas Harter, August 1)

California schools, students respond to state’s worsening drought conditions (USA Today, featuring UC Davis student Kevin Hong, August 1)