April 2014 News

EBMUD’s emergency water supply arrives from Sacramento River (Contra Costa Times, April 30)

Farmers forecasting less rice, higher prices because of drought (Capitol Public Radio, April 30, featuring UC Davis Professor Daniel Sumner)

Drought summit examines California’s water crisis (Davis Enterprise, April 29)

UC summit: Learning to live with drought (Dateline UC Davis, April 29)

Drought summit dives deep in state Capitol  (UC Newsroom, April 28)

California's drought is putting fish, birds and tree species at risk (Sacramento Bee, April 25)

UC professors gather to discuss the drought (KFBK, April 25)

Totally parched: 100% of California now in drought (Yahoo News, April 25)

UC drought summit program and list of experts (UC Davis, April 25)

Santa Cruz approves mandatory 25 percent water rationing (KCBS, April 24)

California wineries on high alert for aggravated drought as dry summer looms (accuweather.com, April 24)

UC drought summit preview (Capitol Public Radio, April 23 featuring Jay Lund, UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences)

As drought hits California farmers, consumers may be next (KQED Forum, April 22) 

State drought relief program will provide food to hard-hit communities (California Department of Social Services, April 22)

In California drought, desperation may make water flow uphill (KQED, April 22)

Parched California moves to boost water saving toilets, faucets (Reuters, April 22)

Field and farm jobs dry up with California's drought (Capitol Public Radio, April 22)

California's thirsting farmland (New York Times, April 21, Jay Lund)

Drones: The newest water saving tool for parched farms  (KQED, April 21))

California's drought ripples through businesses, then to schools (National Public Radio, April 20)

Swim to sea? These salmon are catching a lift (New York Times, April 19, featuring Peter Moyle, UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences)

Striking photos of California’s drought (New York Daily News, April 17)

Above-normal temperatures "Detrimental" to Sierra snowpack (NBC-Los Angeles, April 17)

California whitewater rafting: Season's on for 2014 (drought or not) (San Jose Mercury News, April 17)

California drought may cause fruit and veggie sticker shock (USA Today, April 16)

California residents divided on drought solution (SF Chronicle, April 16)

New Central Valley drought fund to support those most in need (Valley Public Radio, April 11)

Hetch Hetchy hit by drought; impacts Bay Area's source of water, electricity (NBC Bay Area, April 11)

California water plan unveils hardships to come as drought persists (Sacramento Bee, April 9)

Two droughts, same governor (LA Times, April 2) Check out vintage Jerry Brown photo!