September 2104 News

California officially enters 4th Year of drought with worst water situation in history (CBS San Francisco, Sept. 30)

Migrating birds in for a tough winter in Central Valley (The Stockton Record, Sept. 30)

Are humans causing the drought? (Los Angeles Register, Sept. 30)

Drying up? Six industries at big risk in California's drought (NBC News, Sept. 29)

California harvest much smaller than normal across crops (The Sacramento Bee, Sept. 28)

Daily water allocation could be the next California drought strategy (San Gabriel Valley Tribune, Sept. 27)

California burns – and fire season’s just getting started (Rappler, Sept. 26)

Drought has 14 communities on the brink of waterlessness (Los Angeles Times, Sept. 25)

Survey: Drought slows sudden oak death around Northern California (The Press Democrat, Sept. 24)

Drought leaves huge California water wholesaler pondering 2015 cuts (Fox News, Sept. 22)

Drought blamed for Mount Shasta mudslide, flooding from melting glacier (CBS, Sept. 21)

California dodges power crisis this summer despite heat, drought (KPBS, Sept. 18)

Groundwater levels plummet in crucial LA County basins (NBC Los Angeles, Sept. 18)

California drought: ‘Pop-up’ wetlands provide bird habitat (Los Angeles Daily News, Sept. 13)

Patrick Mulvaney: Climate change affects restaurant menus today (The Sacramento Bee, Sept. 14)

Is a disaster looming for California golf courses battered by drought? (Golf Digest, Sept. 12)

California drought: There’s an app for that (IEEE Spectrum, Sept. 12)

Los Gatos nudist camp accused of stealing water from open space district (San Jose Mercury News, Sept. 11)

California rice farmer: Drought may make us 'quit' (NBC, Sept. 10)

Drought-related job training in hard-hit San Joaquin Valley offered at CA Community Colleges (Imperial Valley News, Sept. 10)

California water use drops in July amid drought (The Sacramento Bee, Sept. 9)

Ranch for disabled prays for rain amid drought (CBS, Sept. 8)

Drilling through the drought: A look at Central Valley well drilling activity (Capital Public Radio, Sept. 8)

Surprise bonanza since Napa quake: dry creeks now flowing (San Francisco Chronicle, Sept. 8)

Drought divide: Tropical rains to help plains, not SoCal (Weather Underground, Sept. 8)

Bills regulating state's groundwater not an instant fix for aquifers (Los Angeles Times, Sept. 7)

California homes lack water meters during drought (Associated Press, Sept. 6)

Drought hurts San Diego food bank (NBC-San Diego, Sept. 5)

Video: The Eel River has stopped flowing (San Francisco Chronicle, Sept. 4)

Yolo Food Bank receives second round of assistance for drought victims (The Davis Enterprise, Sept. 4)

Drought wipes out nearly one quarter of state’s $5 billion rice crop (CBS-local Sacramento, Sept. 3)

California Drought Snapshot: Snowless Mount Shasta (KQED, Sept. 3)

Drought sends hay prices soaring (The Press Democrat, Sept .2)

California Drought: Irrigation irritation running rampant over water wasters (San Jose Mercury News, Sept. 2)

California Drought Threatens Nation's Most Productive Farming Valley (NBC Southern California, Sept.1)