Drought Summit Introduction

Dear Friends,

Nothing is more vital to the health and prosperity of California than a safe and reliable water supply, as this third straight year of extreme dry conditions reminds us. 

The University of California has long had scientists and other experts engaged at every level of water management and policy, bringing useful insights from multiple disciplines – engineering, economics, ecosystem management, water conservation, farming, forestry, public health and more.

Given the UC’s unique role and public service responsibility, we called for a summit of faculty from across our campuses and others to explore the best ways to mitigate effects of the current drought and prepare for future water shortages.

Our deep appreciation and a warm welcome to everyone participating in this Drought Science, Policy and Management Summit. We’re confident this will be a productive event. It will facilitate the long-term collaboration we need to stay healthy in a state that perpetually faces water challenges.


President Janet Napolitano and Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi