Campus Water

UC Davis winery stingy on water

Drought and climate change are among the wine industry's top issues according to a UC Davis survey of California winery operators

Many said they are already implementing a number of strategies to use water more efficiently.

Chik Brennaman is the winery manager and winemaker for the UC Davis Department of Viticulture and Enology. He says it takes a lot of water to make wine:

At UC Davis, Brennaman says they recycle rainwater:

The campus winery is designed to capture and reuse 90 percent of the winery’s processing water.

City of Davis drought logo

City of Davis approves mandatory 30 percent water cutbacks

You'll have to ask for a glass of water now if you dine at any of the downtown Davis restaurants. And there will be no yard watering on Mondays...period. Just a couple of the restrictions included in a "stage three" drought ordinance passed by the Davis City Council. City water well levels have dropped by an average of 54 feet since March due to increased demand for groundwater in the Yolo County region. UC Davis has also been hit by drought. One of the main wells on the west side of campus dropped by 82 feet this spring.  

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Drought a factor in arboretum fish deaths

Lack of oxygen, hot temperatures and low water levels combined to kill dozens of fish in the UC Davis Arboretum.

More in this Dateline UC Davis update.

Low water, low mow grass thriving 

A water-stingy type of grass is being grown outside the UC Davis Graduate School of Management.

It's called UC Verde Buffalograss, and it only needs to be watered once a week, even in the summer.

UC Davis well drilling

Water well drawdown underscores need to conserve

A main water well on the west side of the UC Davis campus has been deepend by 100 feet to access more water and prevent further drawdown. Utilities records show the water table in the well has dropped 82 feet from April to June.  Drought conservation measures continue on campus, with an incentive program announced to reward water savers.

Wondering what to plant this summer?

UC Davis arboretum

Get through the dry heat with these not-so-thirsty suggestions from the UC Davis Arboretum.

Water savings adding up

The UC Davis campus has saved more than 64 million gallons of water so far in 2014 compared to the same time period last year.

Most of the savings have come from the use of more drought tolerant landscaping and adjustments in watering schedules.

See how the UC Davis Water Dashboard tracks progress in meeting water reduction goals.


What is UC Davis doing to save water?

UC Davis blue water pipes

UC Davis has released details of a drought response action plan for the campus.  In a word: Conserve.

Read Vice Chancellor John Meyer's email to students, staff and faculty.

Students in the Facilities' Energy Conservation Office have created a web page to display historic and current campus water use.

See more in the UC Davis Water Dashboard.

Student leaders have approved a drought resolution.

*Please report leaks and other water waste, and send your conservation ideas to:

Campus sustainability website

Funds raised for greywater laundry system at the Domes

More than $3,700 dollars has been raised to pay for a greywater sysytem at the Domes, a cooperative living community on campus. 

The campaign ended June 1, with a total of $3,770 being donated to construct a greywater pipe network. Laundry and sink water will be reused in the garden.

Read more about the project.